We are four Minnesota residents participating in the 2020-2021 Humphrey School of Public Affairs Policy Fellows program.

We come from different backgrounds and have a shared interest in reimagining public safety in our communities and state. In particular, we wanted to learn more about the policy options available and build support for common-good policy solutions. We’ve met with various organizations, researchers and individuals working in this space and chose to focus on the Minnesota Heals proposal.

Our goal is to bring attention to this innovative program and encourage Minnesotans to learn more and support its passage. 

We believe Minnesota Heals will begin to address the immediate human needs of those directly affected by traumatic events. However, it is NOT a substitute for comprehensive public safety reform. The Minnesota Legislature can -- and should -- continue to build on the key policy changes that were passed in 2020, following the killing of George Floyd. 

While Minnesota continues to address these larger issues, we can fill the immediate needs faced by first responders, families and communities. We believe Minnesota Heals is an important starting point that puts people first. Please join us in urging the Minnesota Legislature to pass Minnesota Heals in 2021.