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Dear Editor, 

Minnesota has a long way to go to heal from recent traumatic and violent events. 

Last summer, the legislature passed several significant policies to help boost accountability and resources for communities and victims of deadly law enforcement encounters. I hope those laws are just the beginning of our efforts to transform public safety. 

This session, we have an opportunity to expand these efforts. The Minnesota Heals program is a proposal in the Governor's Department of Public Safety budget that would take several steps forward. Minnesota Heals is a three-pronged proposal that would address trauma and promote healing. The program would include 1) Support for Victims' Families that would help families access counseling and support following an officer-involved death; 2) Community Healing grants to help our cities and towns following a traumatic event; and 3) First Responder Wellness including the creation of Statewide Critical Incident Stress Management Services.

I support this proposal because (ADD PERSONAL DETAILS -- e.g., addressing trauma and promoting healing are critical to building a thriving state). 

This proposal won't solve all our problems, but it will set us on a path toward greater justice and healing. 

Please join me in supporting Minnesota Heals.